Saturday, 28 September 2013

I don't care if it doesn't make sense, I just need it to taste of something...

Having the flu is so boring. Yes, the actual flu - woman flu, real flu, not man flu.  

Last night a friend took me out for a lovely meal to a great restaurant and all I could taste was salt.  Also I can't currently breathe and chew at the same time, which makes eating elegantly in a classy public place somewhat challenging.  

Still, there was a spectacular highlight to my meal / my whole week: spotting Jon Snow!  (Game of Thrones Jon Snow, not Channel 4 news Jon Snow, though I like him too.  I did a horrendously obvious triple take when he walked past me in the restaurant, and then had a hilarious moment with the waitress where we both acknowledged our shameful lechery. Poor the Jon Snow actor, being the object of such predatory cougars.)

Anyway, I have spent today mostly putting on and taking off jumpers as my fever goes up and down. Then I baked a possibly disastrous pear and ginger cake.  And then I decided I needed pasta, obvs.  At this point I am just throwing anything I can into it to make it taste of something - something strong, I don't care what: very garlicky salami
more garlic, chilli, onion, blue cheese, whatever you've got that tastes of a lot - double it.

Rigatoni's going to be my partner for the evening.
Short enough shapes that I can eat a couple of at once, without having to stop to open my mouth to breathe.  And also ridged for my pleasure - in as much as I can at least feel like something's going on in my mouth.

Chop, fry, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Then I realised I had no actual 'sauce' to this pasta sauce, so had to shove in some sour cream.  Wrong, wrong, wrong...
and yet so right.

Those green things above are peas.  Realised I needed a shot of vitamin C to fight the flu.  And the green in the shot above is spring onion, as when the time came, chopping an actual whole huge real onion seemed far too effortful, given my current condition.

Then I stuck some strong cheddar on top and shoved in the oven for a bit.

The result?

Well.  I mean it's not my most sophisticated hour, but it kind of has a chilli bacon melted blue cheese vibe going on that I can only describe as nacho-ish, in a good way.

I've got to tell you, it was awesome.


  1. If you can get out of bed, you don't have flu!

  2. To be fair, I agree with above ( might be below this comment now?!) you can't get out of bed if you have the flu. However, the pasta looks awesome. I just feel sorry for those that you spoke to after all the garlic/onion, but it doesn't matter as you can't smell it :P

  3. mmm!! Looking Yumm!!
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